Life is like a Rubix Cube

depositphotos_8009445-Rubik-cubeThis life that we have is precious so why spend it worrying and feeling low. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how you could take control of certain aspects of your life?!


Fengshui helps do just that.

It eases the worrying and helps make things positive. I would be wrong if I say that this will cure 100 percent of your problems and that too almost immediately. It doesn’t work like that. Nothing does. But it definitely has the power to set your life on the right track and give back the power in your hands to be Happy and Prosperous, which is the ultimate goal for most of us!


So, how does Fengshui work and what does it do? Fengshui works on the energy in our surroundings and aligns it with our own personal chi to cause harmony.

Just like a rubix cube, you need to keep orienting it to get all colors aligned. Similarly, you need to orient yourself with all the dimensions like your surroundings to create and live in perfect harmony. This means that you may have to change the direction you sleep in and sit in office or you may need to re-arrange your living space. These alignments are important and are the essence of Fengshui.

Align your Fortunes to success today!

Cheers to the year of Horse, 2014!

2014, the year of the wood horse…Year of the horse

The year of the wood horse started Jan 31st 2014. Out of the 12 Chinese animal signs, the horse is one with maximum energy and enthusiasm.

The Paht Chee chart of 2014 is a highly unbalanced chart with too much of fire energy (the intrinsic element of the horse) and the wood element is aggravating it further, this can lead to or indicate anger at its peak, conflicts escalating quickly, and in extreme cases even loss of life on account of fire.

Hence, the best approach this year is to remain calm and be humble in all your endeavors. Given the volatility caused by the excess of fire element this year, the best elements to use are earth and water elements. These will help control the fire and substitute for the lack of water in this year of the wood horse, respectively. Create water in your space and surround yourself with plenty of crystals!

Wishing you all an exciting and a productive year ahead!