An Introduction to the Concept of a Wealth Vase

Abundance, prosperity, love, success, good health, and happiness are all forms of Wealth. Wealth positively influences our lives and is recognized and known by many.Chinese gold ingot ornaments in isolated white background

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a magical vase in which we could put all our wishes and ‘voila‘, have them come true?! That’s what a wealth vase of today symbolizes.

Making a Wealth Vase is not new. This practice has been in existence since the past century, especially in India, where people would put their valuables in a pot and bury it deep in the ground in their house, preferably near a temple.

A similar practice is practiced in Feng Shui, the philosophy remaining the same.

The Wealth Vase of today contains many things symbolizing various aspects of a happy and prosperous life, to help you build and come closer to achieving your aspirations.

The process starts by inviting the wealth God to bless all the items of the vase, followed by the correct placement and layering of these items in the vase itself. Once it is filled to the brim, it is placed in a hidden location (your personal wealth location in the house as per your chart) and then the magic begins

 It is a very powerful tool to attract wealth in your life and one that I recommend strongly. Each and every person deserves this wealth and happiness in their life so, do get one for yourself!

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