Hi, I am Navniet…

My involvement with the spirituals arts began many years ago, with a set of tarot cards which was gifted to me and ever since there is no looking back. I have been guided in the wonderful art of Feng Shui studies by my very dear master, Lillian Too and have continued to advance my skills & knowledge in various aspects of Feng Shui & other related disciplines like Paht Chee, Tarot, Crystal Healing, and Angel therapy.
I have about 15 years of corporate experience and have faced the struggles of life, juxtaposing personal and professional ambitions. In my quest to achieve harmony and balance, I learnt and mastered various forms of occult sciences and today gifted with this knowledge, I am able to help my clients realize their goals and live a harmonious life in and around their surroundings.
Having experienced the miracles of Feng Shui and Oracle guidance in my own life and that of my near & dear ones, I want to share this amazing gift with all of you and help you live a much happier, healthier and fulfilled life.